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We are a service company group engaged in the field of Communication Strategy, Publishing and Digital Media

INSPIRA GROUPS is a Jakarta-based service agency and media company established in 2008. Our team racks up nearly 20 years of experience and comes from many backgrounds and specialities. As a service agency and media company, INSPIRA GROUPS regard highly creative process and sound strategy to yield an excellent end product.

With clients coming mainly from the tourism and governmental sector, we always make sure to engage and work closely with our partners to accommodate the needs of all parties involved.

Given the rapid and ever-evolving world of technology today, INSPIRA GROUPS believe that it has given us many possible roads to take our partners to the end of the journey without disregarding the essential process of creative works. Our experience and set of skills have given us the ability to work on many things, namely publishing, advertising, and digital media.

Our Platform

KlikMotion is the regional video creation hub platform, enabling brands to create high-quality and authentic videos anywhere in Indonesia and Asia.

We provide brands access to more than 100 creators in Indonesia and Asia, over 30 cities across categories including videographers, directors, offline editors, online editors, animators, drone pilots, vo talents and many more.

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Our Media

Bintaro and Beyond is a regional media to share information about the Bintaro area and its surroundings.

Bintaro and Beyond is here and trying to become a media that amplifies information and introduces various types of businesses, communities, and events that occur in Bintaro and its surroundings. The goal is of course to provide interactive benefits for the community as well as actors.

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