Wonderful Indonesia's Case Study

Local goes global. How a fitting partnership played a role in amplifying local tourism to the global market.


Kementerian Pariwisata dan Ekonomi Kreatif (The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy) is a ministry of the Republic of Indonesia responsible for overseeing governmental affairs in tourism and the creative economy. Its role is to assist the President in formulating and determining policies in tourism and the creative economy as part of national development. The referred development in tourism and creative economy encompasses the development of resources, institutions, destinations, infrastructure, industry, investment, marketing, and tourism products. In addition, the ministry is also responsible for coordinating and synchronizing the implementation of policies in the said field.

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The Challenge

Indonesia is home to countless of both tapped and untapped natural beauty. Vast and expansive, the tourism destinations that Indonesia offers are among the perfect thirst-quenchers for every travel-thirsty tourist worldwide.

The pacey world we live in today forces every piece of information to be rapidly spread through the right channel and aimed at the right audience. Thus, keeping up to pace has become the most significant challenge that the current world poses. It will be a waste if the information on places in Indonesia is not adequately propagated for the world to know.

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Tripadvisor Ads Placement
Tripadvisor Insight: Master Class “A Workshop for Digital Training for Destination in Indonesia” (2015 – 2019)

The Solution

To make sure that the world knows about the potential of tourism in Indonesia, we decided to assist the ministry by teaming up with several publishers to disseminate and promote Indonesia’s tourism to audiences worldwide.

The Result

By partnering with publishers, including TripAdvisor, Viu, and many others, we have succeeded in helping the ministry promote Indonesia’s tourism via many channels and methods over the years. With TripAdvisor, we have been assisting the ministry in placing advertisements on their platform. Prepandemic, we have also held many workshops and events in many parts of Indonesia to help develop regional tourism agencies and their human resources.

We have also partnered with an international influencer platform in which we helped bridge the ministry with a team of social media influencers. We gatekept the promotional content making sure that the posts on the representative platforms were up to par. The most recent partnership we’re working on is with Viu. We help the ministry place Wonderful Indonesia advertisement materials on shows aired on Viu.

Our works with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy have had varied results, primarily significant in promoting Indonesian tourism to the international audience.