NAM Air's Case Study

The curious case of rebranding the presence of an airline from strong regional player to a stronger national brand.


NAM Air is an international airline officially inaugurated on September 26, 2013, as part of the Sriwijaya Air Group. Principally, there are not many differences between Sriwijaya Air and NAM Air. NAM Air’s color identity is somewhat similar to Sriwijaya Air’s.

Inspired by the color identity of Sriwijaya Air, NAM Air also possesses a red, white, and blue color identity. The color identity defines bravery and honesty, and it symbolizes the existence of NAM Air flying in the Indonesian sky.

NAM Air aims to become passengers’ go-to airline, which challenges the company to give the best service. Thus, catching potential passengers’ attention and making them prefer NAM Air for its safety, trustworthiness, and service excellence. Flying in the Indonesian sky, NAM Air aspires to weave the archipelago while sharing its dedication and service throughout the nation.

NAM SQUAD Joyful Journey to Semarang

The Challenge

In 2019, NAM Air was due to a rebrand from a regional airline to a boutique airline that aims to attend to broader passengers within the Indonesian market. The pressing need for a rebrand lay within their vague branding position. They were merely seen as a subsidiary of their parent company and a second-stringer airline to Sriwijaya Air for many years. Thus, due to a rebrand.

The Solution

A total revamp of the website that enables potential passengers to look, book, and pay through NAM Air’s official website. We also helped NAM Air develop a fresher brand guideline and an iconic character and retouched their color identity. Those are then used on their promotional platform, like banners, website, and social media platforms.

In another effort to pursue a more proper rebrand, we also developed a stronger social media presence by creating an Instagram. Their Instagram account has become the main platform that NAM Air regularly uses to promote offers, regulations, routes, safety concerns, announcements, etc.

NAM AIR – Web Design
NAM AIR – Social Media

The Result

Since the launch of NAM Air’s Instagram account back in 2019, it has reached more than 20k followers, and until the end of our partnership with NAM Air, we had reached an engagement rate of 3,5%.

In addition, we also managed to develop a website that’s fast-loading, easy to navigate and fully SEO optimized with revamped UI/UX design. The website is optimized for mobile and populated with clear information regarding regulation and is rich in up-to-date, engaging, and informative content.

Meanwhile, the cohesively branded website has reached approximately 300k users through various digital marketing methods. For example, SEO articles, ad placements, and redirected from social media platforms.