Bappenas' Case Study

Seeing the bigger picture. How we helped Bappenas solve a year-long question and a quest for returning to normalcy.

Couple of travelers at Handara Gate in Bali – Indonesia – Two tourists exploring Bali landmarks


Kementerian PPN/Bappenas (The Ministry of National Development Planning/National Development Planning Agency) is a ministry of the Republic of Indonesia responsible for overseeing governmental affairs in national development planning. Its role is to assist the President in formulating and determining policies in national development planning and coordinating and synchronizing the implementation of said policy. In addition, Kementerian PPN/Bappenas is also responsible for fostering and providing administrative support to all elements, managing state property/assets, and overseeing the implementation of the tasks.

The Challenge

Amidst the high and seemingly never-ending Covid-19 case number, countless activities had been halted, including foreign tourists. Not until recently, when the threat and number of cases had declined, the Indonesian government was determined to make an attempt to reopen the borders to foreign visitors.
However, the willingness of the foreign visitors to come and visit Indonesia was in question and was still very unclear.

The Solution

To determine whether or not the foreign visitors are willing to come to Indonesia and what part of Indonesia are they ready to visit, we decided to collaborate with the ministry. Inspira and the ministry conducted a survey with respondents from several targeted market countries as the research method.

The Result

Most respondents are ready and willing to come and travel to Indonesia, provided that there are several requirements that they were expecting. The destination in Indonesia that they desired was Bali.